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Privacy Policy: This app does not collect or store any data. There are no privacy concerns with this application.

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This app is a countdown timer, designed for presenters (on a stage or at a podium or pulpit) to keep them on time.

Most features are self evident, however there are a couple of features that need to be covered.


1. AutoStart

To use this feature, simply click on Auto Start to toggle it On or Off

When it is on, you have the option to adjust the time to when you would like to the countdown to begin


2. Clock Mode - The Icon at the top right will turn Clock Mode on or Off. If it is On, after the countdown finishes, the application will switch over to show the current time.


3. PowerPoint Remote

Using a Lightning (or whatever connection your device has) to USB adapter, you can connect a PowerPoint Remote to the iPad

On the remote, you can press the bottom button to Start / Stop (and reset) the countdown

While the timer is stopped, pressing the left & right buttons, will increment or decrement the time by five minute intervals

While the timer is running, pressing the left & right Buttons will increment or decrement the time by one minute

This video shows the basic functions. It does not include the Clock Icon however, that feature was added recently and I haven't had a chance to update the video.

Copyright 2022 - Ricky Gore

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