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(May 2014)

"Chigger Hill Boys & Terri Action Figures "

Okay, it's been a long time since I've posted but I've been traveling the world in search of the rare and near impossible to find "Fuzzy Tom" action figure. ( they only made two ) I finally found one in a remote village in Bulgaria. But Borislav, the town goat milker didn't want to sell. We finally agree upon a price of twenty Stotinki and a 2 pound bag of yak jerky.

I return home overjoyed . My collection of "Chigger Hill Boys & Terri" action figures is now complete. Hallelujah , I have them all.

And what do I find ???

TWO NEW CHIGGERS !!! Jake Hoot and Jim Britton.

Their action figures already sold out after one hour of being on the shelf of the Chigger Hill Wal-Mart and I didn't get one. GRRR !!!

Well I'm off again. Like Paul said in Romans 12:12, " Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer."

I will find you Jake and Jim action figures !!!

Until next time,

Your Favorite Uncle Donnie.

              ( P.S. Action figures are not dolls. Well maybe Terri's is )







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(February 2013)

"Chigger Day"
Sorry for the delay in posting an update but I had been patiently
waiting for my favorite holiday of the year. Yes, I'm talking about
"Chigger Day".
Here at Chigger Hill it's one of the most funnest days of the year
with singing , dancing (Wampum Chigger style) and drinking hot cocoa
while we wait for the most famous Chigger of all, Kentucky Karl, to
awake from hibernation , climb out of his burrow and look to see his
And YES !!! , he did so we can all look forward to an early spring
and at least 6 more years of "The Chigger Hill Boys and Terri".
If you couldn't make it, do the next best thing and play a "Chigger
Hill Boys and Terri" CD, drink some cocoa and dance around.
Hope to see you in your town soon,
Your Favorite Uncle Donnie



(October 2012)


The Annual Fish Fry

Well it's officially fall and nothing kicks the season off like "The
Annual Fish Fry" at The Chigger Hill Christian Church. Not since Jesus
fed the multitudes has more fish ever been handed out.

There's so much tater salad piled up it looks like the clouds in heaven.

As usual Terri and The Boys will start off the feast with a show while some
women folk are hushing up the puppies and Pastor Paul Pastures is
working on his opening prayer to bless the food.

Hopefully we won't have a repeat of last year's "Mabel Jones lost dentures in the banana
puddin " again.
With the leaves turning and the weather getting cooler it's a great
time and one can't help but see God's blessings all around us.

The Chigger Hill Boys and Terri thank you for a great summer and hope you
can make it to one of their shows soon.
And to Roscoe Ledbetter, as promised for finding Mabel's teeth last
year, you get to be first in line this year.

Until next time,
Your Favorite Uncle Donnie







(June 2012)


"Chigger Hill Chronicle"

With summer here I thought I would clean out my garage in hopes of
finding my lawn mower when I came across a stack of the
"Chigger Hill Chronicle" newspapers. I was amazed how many times
Terri and the boys had made the news so I thought I would share some
of the head lines and stories just in case you live in some remote
area of the world that doesn't get the C.H.C.
The following are some of my favorites;

- The Chigger Hill Boys and Terri hang out with Susan Lucci while
waiting to hear results of Dove award nominations.
- CHB&T bass player Rick Gore offers reward for camouflage painted
bass lost in park.
- Chiggers are out in full force this summer. Experts suggest
repellent containing Citronella. Reapply after a few hours.
- Police suspect Mike Richards of pie theft but charges not filed due
to lack of evidence.
- Chigger Hill Boys & Terri poster from first performance auctioned off
for record $7.53. Mark Dunham outbid Charles Lackey to own
the prize.
- Terri of Chigger Hill fame wins "Nicest Person Award" and gives
award to 2nd place finisher.
- Chigger Hill Boy , Bob Stangenberg, Becomes " Hero" as he helps dog
bite victim.
- CHB&T do "Sisters with Blisters " benefit show at local Catholic
church to raise money for Nun's new shoes.

That's all the time I have. Guess I'll hunt for that mower tomorrow
and when I find it I'm sure it'll make the news.

Until next time,
Your Favorite Uncle Donnie


(March 2012)


"Chigger Hill, The Musical" - Bluegrass Gospel Opera

As it always seems to happen when there's a BIG news event,
there was a leak and some how the story got out.

We don't know how it happened. (Bob)

I've almost received hundreds of emails asking about it, so I
thought I would set the record straight.

YES, plans are in the works for a
"Chigger Hill, The Musical" - Bluegrass Gospel Opera !

The plot follows the tale of a red headed country boy and how his love
for bluegrass gospel music leads him to joining up with five spirit filled
musical geniuses and they form a group the likes of which the world
has never seen.

When we asked 10 people what they thought about the idea 9 said, "It
was GREAT !!! " and the one who didn't comment was a mime but gave us two thumbs up !

They think I should not play myself because I could never capture my true essence on film so it's yet to be decided if Brad Pitt or Carrot Top will be playing my role.

I'll keep you updated of the release date but until then keep playing your
"Chigger Hill Boys & Terri" CD's and make their action figures dance around.

Until next time.
Your favorite Uncle Donnie





(December 2011)


Christmas Blessings


It's time to send our greetings , From way top Chigger Hill.
And wish you Christmas blessings , With a love that's truly real.

While Rick is stringing pop-corn, To hang around the tree.
Terri's baking cookies, Busy as can be.

Charles is wrapping presents, Mark is hanging lights ,
Mike and Bob are dancing , wearing funny elf tights.

Then they pause to give thanks, for the reason we are here,
The reason that we celebrate of peace and joy and cheer.

It's all about the greatest gift that there could ever be,
Of a child born in a manger who came to set us free.

Jesus is the reason , That we all are so blessed,
From all of us at Chigger Hill, we wish you all his best.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years,
The Chigger Hill Boys and Terri
and your favorite Uncle Donnie


(November 2011)


With The Chiggers new album out I thought I should update my corner.
But what to say ? Yes, I could do a play on words and say it's
" Indescribable ". ( Too easy )
But after listening to it, I find myself one moment singing and
tapping my toes and the next I'm praising and worshiping God.
It's a Chigger Hill album , It's a worship album , Taste great , Less
filling , It's a breath mint , It's a candy mint , Potatoes ,
Po-tot-toes , I'M SO CONFUSED ! ! !
All I know is I like it. No, I mean I REALLY like it. And I'm sure
after you hear it you will too and you'll agree it really is

Until next time.
Your favorite Uncle Donnie


(August 2011)

A Decade of Chiggers

OK, Now that I've finally recovered from Terri and the boys not
winning a dove award let me say how happy and excited I was from the
great birthday greeting. It let many people know that I am a real
person and proud Uncle to the Chiggers. It also got me to thinking how
fast time goes by and I realized The Chigger Hill Boys and Terri have
been around for over TEN years now.
Wow !!! TEN years. It seems like only yesterday they were picking
and singing on the front porch of the Chiggerhill General Store while
the locals were whittling and spitting. Wait a minute, that was
I guess what I'm trying to say is The Chiggers have managed to grow
and improve while still staying true to old fashion traditions and
values. And I guess that's the secret to life. Never grow too old and
set in your ways that you can't be open to new ideas but remember
where you come from.
Where will they be in ten more years ?
One can only guess but I do know with God on your side there's no
limit to what you can do.
And there's always a chance on any given saturday night you can still
find them on the front porch of the Chiggerhill General Store picking
and singing for a new decade of Chigger fans.

Thanks again and God bless,
Your Favorite Uncle Donnie



(April 2011)

Accept No Substitutions

As could be expected with the rising fame of The Chigger Hill Boys and
Terri there have almost been countless cover and tribute bands. And
we know imitation is the highest form of flattery but there have also
been many wolves in Chigger clothing posing as the "real" thing. So
as a public service announcement I will point out four obvious ways to
spot the fakes.

1) Name.
While close, names like The Higger Chill Boys & Tara,
The Chugger Hill Boys & Tennille and Black Sabbath, are sure sign
2) Message.
If they promote send $19.95 if you like us,
$29.95 if you don't, instead of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, run away.
3) Sound.
While listening to, if you get the feeling a banana
slug just left a slime trail down your back instead of your spirit being
filled with joy, plug your ears.
4) Looks.
You have to admit the Chigger Hill Boys and Terri
are the best looking band in show business. If they ain't as purty as
a table of Granny's after church viddles beware !!!

I hope this helps. You deserve the best.
Your Favorite Uncle Donnie



(March 2011)

OK, OK, After posting about Chigger Mark Dunham I almost became
swamped with countless emails from the

"Fans Of The Stand Up Bass" ( FOTSUB )
demanding Ricky Gore get equal time. To dig up info on Rick I went to
Google which was absolutely no help since it listed 14,283 Ricky
Gore's and I wasn't sure if he was the belly dancing Ricky Gore or the
squirrel whisperer Ricky Gore so I had to rely on memory alone.
The fact is Ricky has always been there in the back ground of the
Chigger Hill legacy. He doesn't say a lot but instead lets his bass
do the talking for him. You hear that driving thump thump,
thump thump ,which is the heart beat, in every Chigger song.
He's a down to earth guy who could be any body's best friend,
a talented musician and I've seen incredible growth in his
walk with Christ.

There, Are you happy FOTSUB ?
Keep em coming to,
Your Favorite Uncle Donnie


(February 2011)

More Fan Mail
I almost get alot of fan mail asking "Why don't I post more about Mark
Dunham ?" And my first response is Mark who? Oh yeah, Chigger Mark
Dunham. The truth is no one really knows where Mark came from. If you look at the early photos, he sort of looks like a pirate so some suggested the Caribbean.
He just sort of showed up one day. The Chiggers said "Let this Mark
play and sing". So he played and sang, and the Chiggers saw it was
good. Wherever he comes from there's no denying his tenor voice
beautifully compliments the group's vocally focused arrangements and
he seems to be a pretty good guy who loves the Lord.
Arrgh, it's time to go. Keep the fan mail coming.
Your Favorite Uncle Donnie


(January 2011)

According to the Farmer's Almanac it's the year of the Chigger.

Those farmers really know what they are doing.

I believe this will be the Chigger Hill Boys and Terri's best year ever.
It's been over two years since I began writing for The Chiggers.
I'm sorry to say you must now deduct one I.Q. point for every time you
have read one of my posts.
And if you still have any mental capacity left to comprehend what you
are reading and your drool hasn't short circuited your P.C. , know that I
appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts.
It's been fun.
I predict there's going to be "Blue Skies" each and every morning.



(December 2010)

The Night Before Christmas



Twas the night before Christmas, up on Chigger Hill

The Chiggers were playing, keeping it real.

Terri hung her socks by the chimney to dry,

While singing a song from "Will Play for Pie".


When out in the yard there came such a sound,

Like a wounded duck or a sick blood hound.

Away to the window I ran real quick,

Hoping to stop the noise that was making me sick.


When, what to my wondering eyes should I see,

But Uncle Donnie with a banjo across his knee.

He was singing a song or maybe a carol,

I understood Hark and maybe a Herald.


He yelled to the Chiggers "Come out and sing"

It's time for Christmas and caroling.

Bring your guitars and maybe your bass,

Get a move on now, pick up the pace.


Come Ethan, come Mike, come Bob and Rick,

Come Mark and Terri and make it quick.

We'll sing in the yard and dance on the hill,

(By this point I was feeling quite ill)


But I had to admit I felt love in his call,

As he shouted God's message of hope for us all.

A Savior has been born that set us all free,

He lives for you and he lives for me.


So we played and sang and partied till dawn

We drank coco and ate cookies out on the lawn.

And we ended the night all feeling quite merry,

Uncle Donnie, the Chigger Hill Boys and of course, Terri.


Merry Christmas


(Posted October 2010)

They're Back.
I'm back. And where have I been ? The same place the Chiggers have
been. Walking throught the valley of the shadow of death. Okay,
okay, so I kind of ran throught it with my eyes closed swinging a big
stick but the point is I made it. What a year. Talk about trials and
tribulations. No let's instead talk of the present. Right now.
The present is where you live and the Chiggers are better than ever.
Wiser, more seasoned veterans, healthier, maybe even better looking.
But nothing says it better than their new album, "Oh well." New songs
and a new look. They're like new wine in new wine skins and it's time
to party the Chiggerhill way. They've truly been blessed and it's time
to get in on the fun.
As far as the wresslin' match goes I've been practicing. I couldn't
find a mule or bear to practice with so I choose the next best thing,
my cat, Senor Whiskers. When did Mike have time to teach him the
Stepover Toehold Sleeper ? Get ready to rumble.
Until next time.
Your favorite Uncle Donnie


(Posted September 2010)
Uncle Donnie hasn't been in a writing mood lately. Rumor has it that he is jealous because Mike beat him in a wrestlin match. So Donnie has gone off to the wood shed to practice up on his Stepover Toehold Sleeper. So, as soon as he's put Mike to the mat, I'm sure he'll be back at it.

(Posted August 10th,2009)

Sorry I haven't written in a while but with the Chiggs busy schedule and my "Famous People's" ear wax collection, I've been really busy. But's that's another story. What I'ld like to talk about is words. We know they're important. I mean after all God used them to create everything. One of the reasons I quit listening to heavy metal of my youth is I started paying attention to the words I was singing.
Not pretty.
I decided I wanted to hear songs with words that build you up, that encourage or simply make you feel good. Words are like seed, once spoken or planted , they WILL grow and produce fruit of their kind. Words are like bullets, once sent out, you can't get them back.
Enter The Chiggerhill Boys and Terri. I don't know how many times I've felt blah and put on one of their CD's and my whole attitude changed. So many songs with lyrics that touch your soul. I find myself singing them even when I'm not thinking about it and the
positive confession always lifts my spirit. It just amazes me the genius and the simplicity of their lyrics.
So what I'ld like for you all who read my comments to do is, leave a message in the guest book or send me an email through the Chiggerhill address and tell me ;
"What's your favorite lyrics from a Chiggerhill song ?"
I can't wait to hear from you. ( Well, I guess I have to wait don't I ? )Word Up !!!
Your Favorite Uncle Donnie


(posted June 8, 2009)

I know what you're thinking.  "Uncle Donnie's really gone off the deep end.  Now he thinks the Chiggerhill boys and Terri are desended from monkeys." Desended from monkeys, NO .  Some of them ARE monkeys ,  hmmm? No, what I mean is they are changing.  They are getting even better. They were always great but the last couple of shows I've been to really surprized me.
They're at a whole new level.  It's really become an amazing and very entertaining event.  The vocals are unbelievable, the playing is precision and they have  FUN  which you can't help but join in.   They
pick on each other.  They really pick on the new kid,  Ethan,  but hey he's young.  He's got a whole life time to get over the emotional scars.  Speaking of Ethan,   he does something I really enjoy seeing
in a bluegrass show.  He moves. Alot.
I just realized if the Chiggerhill boys and Terri were monkeys what would that make me?

Your Favorite Monkey's Uncle Donnie


Fan Mail (posted Jan 18, 2009)

Since I began writing for the Chiggerhill boys and Terri I have almost
gotten many e-mails asking me "What are the Chiggerhill boys and Terri
really like?" And while I couldn't possibly answer all of them due to
limited time and space I have decided to answer some  I seem to get
the most.     Such as;
"Did Mike really win the Clogging King of the South competition 3
years in a row ?"
Mike became famous in the clogging world for inventing the two step
double dip power stomp. While many  have tried to duplicate it, none
have ever mastered so Mike graciously retired  to give others a
"Was Bob really the quarterback of his high school football team ?"
With Bob's good looks and talent he could have easily been the
quarterback but was more torn between a future career of being an
albino monkey farmer or music. We're blessed he decided on music even
though those monkeys were really cute.
"Is Terri really as kind, sweet and beautiful as she portrays ?"
Well that's all the time I have today but will try to answer more soon
so keep 'em coming,
Uncle Donnie


Posted December 2008

To close out the year 2008, I did an official un-authorized independent
survey just to find out who was America's most favorite musical group. Covering vast portions of Sumner county I ask almost random strangers "Who was their favorite?" The conversations went something like this."Pardon me , Who was your favorite musical group of 2008?" To which my Mom replied, "Definately without a doubt The Chigger Hill Boys and Terri and by the way why don't you call more often?"
When I ask the second person the same question my sister Pat said "She agreed 100% !!! that I really should call my Mom more ."
It's hard to argue with those kind of numbers so I ended my survey
there with the conclusion that The Chigger Hill Boys and Terri were
definately The Best Musical Group of 2008 and I will call my Mom more.

For some reason I am reminded of two Bible verses;
1 Corinthians 4:10 which says "We are fools for Christ" and
Exodus 20:12 that says "Honor they Father and thy Mother."
I don't know why.

Happy New Year,
Your Favorite Uncle Donnie


A Lot Can Happen In 25 Years (posted Nov 29, 2008)

Growing up I remember my family getting together with friends on
Saturday night and playing bluegrass and country music. Being a teenager of the late 60's and early 70's that was the last thing I wanted to do and must admit it was torture. Not wanting Mike to go down that path I remember how delighted I was when he asked me to teach him how to play, "Sweet home Alabama" on the guitar. Thinking I didn't have to worry about him , I moved away from home.
25 years later I return and what do I find? His CD collection full of
people like Alison Krauss, Ralph Stanley, and The Lewis Family.
Smack me with a pork chop and call me greasy !!!
WHERE DID I GO WRONG? I have only myself to blame !!!
Then after much persuasion (and the promise of buying me lunch at the all you can eat buffet ) I listened to him and the future Chiggerhill
boys and Terri play and I discovered I wouldn't call this music bluegrass , country or gospel. It's just GOOD music. Great lyrics I wished I would have wrote, beautiful voices in harmony and some pickin' the rocker heroes of my day wish they could do.
The moral of all this ? I don't know but I am reminded of 2 Tim. 3:14 which says, "Continue to hold to the things you have learned and become convinced of , knowing from whom you have learned them. "

Rock On,
Your Favorite Uncle Donnie

In The Beginning (posted Nov. 3, 2008)

If you read the history of the Chiggerhill Boys & Terri you know that they first met in Terri's home studio to record an EP to take along to their first festival. You know the five original members were there.
But one fact they left out is there was one other and ONLY one other
person there.

That's right,   It was me, everybody's favorite Uncle Donnie.
Wanting to lend my wisdom to the young ones, I remember suggesting to Mike that if we could hook some  distortion  to his mandolin it would
greatly increase his rockability.
I thought when Rick plays the bass his feet aren't doing anything so
why not add a wah wah pedal ?
And Terri, when she sang I could understand EVERY word she says !!!
Could she not scream the lyrics at a few higher decibels ?

After carefully considering my new ideas the group decided to go with
the original format and now seven years later I believe they made the
right choice.

I guess the moral of this story is no matter what someone tells you,
if God gives you a gift and you use it for his glory, your victory and
success  is guaranteed.

Until next time,
Your Favorite Uncle Donnie